RIMEDIO was created to meet the needs of thousands of small and emerging healthcare products and services companies struggling with ways to effectively reach high value customers to drive sales and utilization in a cost effective way.  

For many small and emerging companies:

  • Hiring and managing sales representatives may not be a core competency
  • Taking on headcount disrupts existing personnel workload and over extends internal resources
  • Adding sales representatives to headcount or utilizing traditional large outsourcing companies is too costly, restrictive and inflexible.  
  • Sales cannot currently support and/or does not warrant full time dedicated sales reps

For larger companies:

Hundreds of mid and large healthcare companies are unable to explore and pursue potential revenue generating ideas because their own sales force is fully focused and engaged with current selling efforts.  

RIMEDIO provides these larger companies the ability to pilot new programs, explore new ideas, test new approaches, call on new audiences and/or markets, expand their reach, cover their white space and more without internal disruption in a timely, flexible and cost effective manner.