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RIMEDIO is a network for enlightened healthcare collaboration

Network and collaborate with some of the top leaders in the medical and healthcare industry. Become a member of our community of highly qualified freelance professional consultants. RIMEDIO consultants include some of the most experienced professionals in sales, team management, marketing, research, development, licensed or retired healthcare practitioners seeking consulting or other freelance opportunities, healthcare providers seeking information, product manufacturers, sales professionals, …

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Become a Sales Agent Member

RIMEDIO is looking for highly-motivated and top performing sales professionals to join the sales agent community today. Perhaps you have experience in sales leadership or a specialty niche sales area? Perhaps your resume reflects accolades of high quotas, awards or team leadership but you feel lost in networks with multi-industry sectors or resume databases – or perhaps you’ve been involved in contract sales, where your high performance results were lost in the overall results of less performing agents and contracts dissolved – or perhaps you’re not seeking full time employment but you know you could add value by utilizing your expertise and already established relationships in the medical and healthcare industry…

Perhaps your experience is with high level B2B sales companies but you are interested in being a sales agent for the life sciences industry. Or perhaps you seek some guidance from highly qualified professional sales agents? Maybe you already have experience selling pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical supplies, or nutraceuticals. Maybe you are looking to shift focus in your sales career to leverage your existing relationships with physicians and the healthcare practitioner community.

RIMEDIO – where relationships, expertise, knowledge, collaboration, trust and results makes the difference!


Why Become a Member

RIMEDIO is The Digitally Disruptive Approach to Improve Sales

RIMEDIO is a disruptive and revolutionary approach to foster collaboration, instill trust, and lower costs to benefit healthcare practitioners, physicians, payors, and pharmaceutical, medical device, medical supply, and nutraceutical manufacturers.

Tour the Multichannel Marketing Platform

Request your own personal webinar with Rich Bavasso as he takes you on a journey through RIMEDIO. During this 20-minute webinar you will hear how RIMEDIO, a novel multichannel marketing, social network driven process will improve sales for your pharmaceutical, medical device, medical supply, or nutraceutical company. A demonstration of how work opportunities are created and executed will be shown from the viewpoint of the sales agent, the life science manufacturer, and other communities.